Price increase

I feel foolish for recommending you to friends

Don’t agree with Wendy - that amount she quotes, given for a rise in costs, is for an average user. I suspect Wendy is a smaller user and will pay a lesser increase which will work out at 18% as stated. I really like the Bulb approach. There is an integrity present. Are they just using that integrity line just for ‘marketing’ to sneak past high price increases? I am sensitive to that and don’t believe so. Wholesale prices really have gone up a lot. Perhaps in a couple of years Bulb will hike prices to the level of the big 6 which will become the big 7. I am hoping not. I think they are trying to make a difference and will stick with them till they show otherwise. We are lucky, in my opinion, to have a good energy supplier. In case you are wondering - I have no connection with anyone in Bulb. I have paid a lot of high charges with suppliers in the past and pay attention to the difference.

I don’t agree with Wendy either. There is a transparency and honesty with Bulb that I haven’t found elsewhere, I will still save over £200 a year compared with the Big Six. I have also found their customer service to be excellent, unlike my previous supplier, where I often had to set aside hours if I needed to contact them by phone.

Hi all, thanks for getting involved in the discussion. @wendyc I’m sorry you feel like we aren’t worth a recommendation anymore - we don’t like seeing people unhappy with the way we do things. We tried to be as open as possible about these rises and give loads of notice for everyone to have a think and work out what they wanted to do. We don’t want to raise prices, but we also know we can’t be irresponsible and charge unsustainable prices. The wholesale gas shortage is hitting all the suppliers right now, and we are doing everything we can to still be as competitive as possible, while not sacrificing the other things that people love about us, such as our service team.

@RichardA and @michaeldoherty - thanks for the kind words - we’re so chuffed that you’re happy with how we act. If we hit the numbers of big 6 there’s no way we’re going to act like them in any other way - we want it to be simpler, cheaper, and greener. As soon as we can lower our prices again we will, and we want everyone who is with Bulb to actually enjoy being with us.

If any of you have any more suggestions on how we can achieve that do let us know.