Price increase

I’ve literally just moved to Bulb, having gone through the comparison site, immediately after collecting my first payment I get an email saying they warned about a potential price increase in August and adding £20.24 pm to my direct debit - surely this should have been accounted for in the comparison ???

Hi @Ajaorr61 - we waited as long as we could before deciding to raise our prices. We didn’t put any expected increases to your quote for 2 reasons.

  1. We didn’t know what our prices were going to be raised by in August
  2. It would mean you were on a different tariff than our other members, which we don’t do. Every one of our members knows that they are always on the best deal that Bulb can offer them, and we don’t want to change that.

Our estimate is that over the course of a year you may be spending £20.24 more per month, but we won’t be amending your direct debit amount yet - these estimates are partially based off a particularly bitter winter last year and this needs to be accounted for, but is also a rough estimate for very new members such as yourself.