price increase

I joined up on the 5th and got a mail on the 10 telling me the cost is going up. Why? I don’t mind but why not do it straight away. it just makes you look bad.

Hi @clivej - Since we only have one available tariff for all our members we didn’t give you higher rates beforehand, we hold very dearly the concept that all our members can know that they’re on the best possible tariff that we can offer, and we wouldn’t want to sacrifice that by putting our members on a different tariff beforehand. Even though it’s left a bitter taste in the mouth of some of our new members I think there’s some solace that they get the same tariff as everyone else until the 11th November, so they aren’t being penalised just because they’re new.

it makes it difficult to compare which has always been a problem with the big companies, but ok.

Hi @clivej I can indeed see that it can make things tricky in comparing tariffs. If there’s anything we can do to help make these things clearer, we’re always open to suggestions and improvements