Price increase?

Am I the only one to be annoyed at yet another price increase?? Not only has my tariff gone up straight after I joined in June but it is going up once again?? I am sorry but this does not feel right at all and Bulb is becoming less & less attractive! Octopus is quoting me half the price!!

Hi @Dominique - Thanks for getting in touch. I appreciate the frustration, we hold off on price rises as long as we can as we really don’t like doing it, but we won’t be irresponsible and gamble on wholesale prices dropping when we’re not sure that’s going to happen. If you’re looking at Octopus I’d recommend looking at the unit rates and standing charges, as well as your annual usage rather than just the quote, as if it is a rough estimate it may not be giving accurate figures. We’ve given all our members until the 11th November to look over their options for this.