Price increase

I joined bulb as the price was very good, it has now gone from £43 up to £61, I’m on benefits and chose bulb as the price was good, I’m a carer for my father and need the heating on, but I’m now scared to use it that much, when your earning under £9 a day a hefty £61 a month is a lot to pay, anyone else had the increased price rise?

Yes, there’s only 1 tariff so everyone (in the same area) pays the same unit rates.

Fingers crossed for a mild winter, and then hopefully the Gas wholesale price (which is what caused the increases) will fall.

Do you qualify/claim for this?

Hi @Lowrey1978 ,

As a fellow carer (although I do work from home making it a lot easier), hello and welcome. Unfortunately, the price rise is for everyone (existing Bulb customers got 60 days notice of the price rise but ‘brand new members’ who signed up once the price rise was official, got the new higher prices automatically).

If your father is elderly, then as well as the Warm Home Discount (as helpfully pointed out by @phproxy ), you may be entitled to the Cold Weather Payment ( ) and/or the Winter Fuel Payment/Allowance ( ) - these may help a little bit, but obviously it won’t help day to day.

It may worth going through to a) find out what other help (if any) you can get with the fuel bills and b) see if you can get any help with insulation/energy saving.

Bulb, whilst one of the cheapest (and, according to MoneySavingExpert, currently the cheapest for me!), doesn’t try to promote itself as being the cheapest. It’s worth looking around the market to see if there is another provider who is cheaper for your situation (for example, if you are a low energy user you may be paying Bulb more for their ‘standing/daily charge’ than for the power you consume - Bulb tends to have a slightly higher standing charge than other companies but lower unit/usage rates). Bulb don’t charge exit fees and don’t lock you into a contract so you are free to move to other providers at any time without cost.

It’s worth also pointing out that Bulb’s ‘variable [vari-fair]’ tariff can go up/down at any time (although they do give 60 days notice of price rises) and I believe that in 2016-17 they had about 7 price drops, but in 2018 due to costs outside their control, prices have gone up twice (the same wholesale prices which will affect all suppliers). So you may find somebody a bit cheaper who then locks you into a 2 year fixed rate contract and then if prices go down, they’ll work out a lot more expensive than Bulb would have been, but if they go up then you made the right choice… If only we had crystal balls!