Price increases, explain this algorithm!

Can anyone tell me where,when I joined bulb, I agreed to be bound by this ridiculous algorithm? This is the second time I am going to have to get on the phone to sort it out. Much of the “debt” that has built up (£25) is caused by working at home and the continued price rises.
Personally, I think direct debit is now more trouble than its worth so unless I can pay the amount every month it’s goodbye from me. Shame really because up until recently I have not had a bad word to say.
£20+ hike on dd for an estimated £25 debt all because of a reliance on a patently flawed computer algorithm.
Computer says no!

Hi @sericd

I can see we get meter readings every few months with is great, but in between we use estimates. This might be running a little high which is why the suggested amount thinks you use more. The more meter readings we get, the more accurate the payment amount would be.

Now you’ve topped up the difference the payment amount will be able to be lowered to your use (you can do that in the Bulb account). Based on your historical consumption though, the payments do have to be increased a bit as the £41 you paid before is lower than your average consumption so we’d want to avoid debt building on the account.

If you would prefer we can set up the direct debit to pay on receipt of bill- this means instead of a set amount each month we just take the bill amount exactly as it comes through each month. Just let us know!

Thank you for the reply, the problem I have is that the message regarding a meter reading is sent out 3 or 4 days before the bill is generated. You state that the reading needs to be in 3 days before the bill is sent out. I have usually sent in a reading but obviously too late and subsequent bills still only show the estimated readings. It would be more helpful to have a reminder a week before the cut off date for generating the bill.
I note that the reason given for the increase in payment is my increased usage, no mention of the increases in price contributing to the rise, which, to be honest, along with the continued suggestion that I use some third party to 'manage my debts, I find patronising and increasingly annoying.
I will in due course contact you to change the terms of the direct debit.
Steve Page

Hi @sericd - the reason we send out our meter reading reminders around this time is that in order to bill you to actual readings instead of estimates, we need to receive your reading within 2-3 days of your billing date - so this would be around the 18th/19th for your account. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve dropped you an email now so you have a direct line to us if you’d like to make any changes to your payment amount. :slightly_smiling_face: