Price increases

You have just informed me that you will be raising the prices for power in November. You tell me that this is because of a rise of 18% in the wholesale cost of energy.
My current monthly payment is £92.55 an increase of 18% would be an increase of £16.60 approximately. You however intend to raise my monthly payment by £24.45 which I calculate to be an increase of 26.4%. This is more than 50% higher than your own increased costs of 18%. Perhaps you could justify this increase to me?

The exact same for me with my monthly increase being 25%. I am waiting on reply to justify this, particularly when I’ve build up a substantial amount of credit over summer.

Hi Both, this estimate is what we think over a year your usage will increase to. We aren’t increasing anyone’s monthly payment amount to start with, and if you have a lot of credit this can be used towards any higher costs.

For most members that we’ve calculated this for it’s because their gas usage is quite a bit higher than their electric usage, as the gas unit rate is going up more than the electric rate. If you’re still not 100% clear on anything though let me know and I’ll send you an email with more specific details of your home.