Price Increases

I’m looking to change to Bulb but as its a variable tariff I wanted to know how often they increase prices - is it twice a year like other suppliers?

Hi @leakemp essentially, we only increase prices when we have to, so there is no definite answer to your question. This year wholesale price increases have forced us to raise prices 3 times, however, if those had not risen, we would not have risen our prices. We give all of our member’s 2-month notice of any rise, so if they are unhappy they have plenty of time to shop around. :slight_smile:

I joined Bulb in January this year, as the quote was a lot cheaper than my previous supplier, within 3 months of changing over the price per month went up to what I was paying with the original supplier N power.
Then a few months later I was requested to increase my monthly payment to £73 per month. Now I cannot believe Bulb are asking me to increase my payments again to £95 when I am in credit by £129, I realise that we all use more in the winter but this is a joke. Wish I had not had the bother of switching.
Think I will be switching again.


If you are in credit then there is possibly no need to increase your direct debit until the credit has been used up. The only caveat is that you need to be able to pay one month in advance.

Personally I am in credit but have set my monthly direct debit with the aim of it being a constant payment even during the winter months, in fact for the next 12 months.