Price over time

Hi, I’m looking to change my supplier and looking into Bulb, I would like to see how often the price per unit is changed, something like a unit price tracker over time (how much was the unit price during Jan,Feb… ).

Any idea where I can find that information?

Hi @Moshe_Blumberg, there was a graph on the last pricing blog post that gives a bit of information but I agree it would be interesting to see those figures as a unit price, and going further back in time into 2016 at least.

They don’t change their price per unit regularly. They have previously stated that when costs fall by more than £20 a year, so will your bills. I presume something similar happens in reverse for price rises but they haven’t stated a figure for this as far as I know.

@Moshe_Blumberg @mowcius thanks for the feedback guys.

Fyi, there’s a pretty good chart in our 100,000 members blog here -

@“Jamie at Bulb”, I only just noticed but why in the graph I linked above and in the graph from the 100k members blog post are there diagonal lines on the Bulb energy bill line?

Surely the price changed overnight, rather than slowly going up/down over a month or so. The wholesale costs I can understand as it’s a line averaging out the massive variation in prices between the points shown, but the Bulb line doesn’t make much sense like that.

@mowcius It’s just a artistic choice, the rate of change was obviously overnight and I think a diagonal line looks slightly better than a hard straight line.