Price quoted

I only moved to bulb and after 2 months they are saying my direct debit is £20 a month too low and prices are now increasing by a further £20 a month.
I chose bulb based on their quote of £115 a month using my actual usage from last year and now before winter I’m looking at increase of £40 a month within 2 months.
My old supplier quoted me less to stay… not happy as looks like lies being told regarding prices.

Please advise

The suggested Direct Debit payments also take into account the possibility of using more energy in the forthcoming winter months. Also the forthcoming price increase which will take effect from 10 November for existing customers will have been factored into any suggested DD increase. There is a certain amount of flexibility in Bulb’s customer choosing their own monthly direct payments subject to the requirement of one months payment in advance for energy use. You can always do your own calculations by going to the Bulb quote page at: and enter your last 12 months energy usage in kWh and then divide the answer by 12, ideally this what your monthly dd should be set at.

Hi @Tori - As Allanr says that is how it is calculated. The suggested price is with the recent price rise we’ve announced that will start in November. It’s also important to note that the data we have on you is for the last year, which had a very bitter winter. If this year’s is milder then it most likely won’t be as high a change.