Price reassurances

I’m happy with bulb but I want a question answered please. I presume you look at my usage over 6 month? slots and change your amounts deducted to suit. Seeing as I joined on the verge of winter my usage will go up in the next 6 months to spring, but as I live alone in a small flat I expect my summer usage to be rather low. I like that I can pay top-up amounts against my usage to keep things in kilter and I hope if I do that my regular amount will be unchanged. Can someone from bulb reassure me my payments will not skyrocket due to my winder usage?

@john1471, your monthly payments are an estimated average for the whole year so they should not change after winter, even if you’ve used more power than you’ve paid for in these months.

Bulb will always let you know in advance if payments are likely to change and if that were to happen, they’re always understanding if you want to ring them up and discuss things.

@john1471 the payments at Bulb are based on 12 equal payments each month to total up to a yearly consumption figure. This means that the amount you pay in can be more than what you’re using in the summer, so you build up a credit. Then after the summer, you can use this credit up as you’ll be using more energy than your payments.

If you feel that your payment amounts are not set up to a suitable amount, you can change it through MyBulb or as @mowcius said, you can call us as well :). The number is 0300 30 30 635.

I do like that I can pay topup amounts to keep things in check. Thanks anyway I’ll see how it pans out