Price reduction

Martin Lewis suggested that Bulb has reduced their prices. I’m not aware of any reduction. Is one imminent?

Can you give a link to where Martin Lewis has said this?

@Lub when did he say this? Can you share the link?

@Hooloovoo It may be this article - slightly misleading as it reads as if it’s a price drop, but isn’t.

It’s back. Energy price war: Big British Gas & EDF cuts, save £260+/yr

Don’t be fooled by today’s likely price cut announcement - millions can still save £100s/yr with lots of cheap deals such as these

British Gas and EDF have reignited the price war that had raged among the Big 6 earlier this year. They now have by far the cheapest deals from the biggies, and can only be beaten on price by a few small firms, which we know many don’t want to switch to. While not one of the Big 6, well-rated Bulb has also thrown its hat in the ring with a good deal that’s greener, but a tad pricier.

and then in the next paragraph: “We suspect the trio have cut prices as they know energy will be in the news this week.”