Price reductions from BG and Eon. Bulb response?

What’s happening bulb? You guys were supposed to be the nimble little supplier who reacted quickly to changes in the wholesale market!
I see BG and EDF have reacted to drops in the wholesale prices and have offered lower prices than bulb. (I’ve checked!)
BG even throw in free boiler and house electrical cover for a year. Oh and it’s also 100% renewable with carbon offset gas.
It’s been nice but I think I’ll be switching!



Keen to know too just switched to bulb as one of cheaper suppliers for the big boys to slash tarrifs, what are you doing Bulb ?


Bulb are already cheaper than most of the competition. I’m waiting on a price reduction too, but bulb aren’t obligated to lower their prices if their competitors do.

Yup they’re not obliged but I persuaded 4 or 5 people I know to switch to bulb. When I see them I’m now pointing out that bg is a better deal with renewable electricity AND free boiler cover for a year

Also tempted by the British Gas offer. How are they with smart meters?

No idea what you guys are looking at. For my area all the BG tariffs are outrageous, and I can’t see anything about free boiler cover.

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Have a look here…

Does that help? Moneysavingexpert tells you all about it

Thanks. Got it. Yeah the electric rate is pretty terrible for me. The gas rate is a fraction higher than I’m now getting with So Energy, but with a better standing charge plus the boiler cover included. If I hadn’t just switched my gas I’d probably go for that. Ah well.

Edit: Looks like it’s available only on dual fuel anyway, and that would certainly work out more expensive for me.


No probs. That me just switched. I am dual fuel.
£150 a year better off plus free boiler/homeelectrical/plumbing/blockeddrain cover worth £12 a month for a year.
No brainer. Sorry bulb.

As well as throwing in free boiler cover, they’ll also insist on throwing in a free smart meter installation. That may, or may not be acceptable to you. I’m not going for it though.

And you have to remember to cancel the boiler cover after 12 months if you don’t want it any more, even if you’ve switched tariff, because it will auto-renew.

Already got smets 2 smart meter courtesy of bulb.
I’ll just mark on my calendar when to cancel boiler cover. It’s not rocket science!

Be careful with the British gas tariff.

I can absolutely guarantee the tariff is more green washed than the bulb tariff.

If it’s cheaper fair enough, but the only true green tariffs that aren’t green washed come from either ecotricty and good energy.

Bulb are somewhere in the middle with a direct purchase agreements and carbon offset tariff.

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Bulb need to review their prices quickly as I only moved 9 months back, and now could be saving £200 elsewhere. Not the small nimble company as promised.

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To be fair to Bulb, their business model means that they don’t have a whole lot of customers paying an extortionate standard rate. BG do.
On the other hand, Bulb’s gas tariff is very uncompetitive. I assume they have the calculators out, and looking at lost customers vs profit margins. If people don’t switch, why reduce prices?
My guess is that they will reduce prices in Jan 2020. (With an announcement in Dec). Plenty of time to make extra ££.

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I have just left British gas, I had the free boiler cover and set up a direct debit of £110 a month duel fuel.
I was using on average around £80 a month and had £398 credit on my account, yet they stated I was not paying enough, they upped my direct debit without discussing with me as they said they would to £127 a month and were still stating I needed to be paying £145 month.

They claimed the £145 a month was needed due to my gas usage That I was not paying enough for (I use around £20 a month gas but they said I needed to pay £87 a month)

They are an absolute scam company as I was well in credit and could not lower my direct debit back to the agreed amount that I set it at. It was good for the first 3 months.

Also they stopped showing my meter usage on the daily/weekly service and only showed once the bill was issued oh and they charged £80 to leave them. Avoid them is my advice.

Yes, come on Bulb, just brought in another customer for you but Uswitch are telling me I can save £200-250 with Eon and get 100%renewable electricity… the disrupter is getting disrupted?