Price Rise 1st August 2018 ? Que ?

Just noticed my bill went up from 11.80p/kWh to 11.85p/kWh for Electricity and from 2.56p/kWh to 2.66p/kWh for Gas. There was a previous price increase in June, which was notified to me. And there’s a likely one on November. But for August ? Did I miss something ? Where’s the 90 days notice for this ?

Should read 12th August not 1st August.

Hi Victor, you would have received an email about this on the 10th June, with a wholesale price increase letter around a month before

I guess I missed it then. 11.76% rise and counting so far this year.

In gas.

Hey @victor. This blog post about the wholesale market is super helpful to understand what is happening with energy costs and why. If you have any further comments or questions, we’d love to hear them.

Well I’m confused now. I thought we were all on the same rate but Victor seems to have a different rate. My gas has just gone up as follows, Bulb say, “.The price you pay for gas is increasing [on 12Aug18] from 2.70p to 2.85p per kWh.” Victor says his is " from 2.56p/kWh to 2.66p/kWh for Gas". Assuming Victor is quoting pre-VAT prices my gas has increased from 2.57p/kWh to 2.72p/kWh excluding VAT. Why am I paying more than Victor?
My % increase this year is now 12.2% and Bulb have flagged a possible third increase in November (so that could be say a 15% rise in 7 months!)


It is a touch confusing when Bulb says they only have one variable tariff. In fact the cost does vary on your location.