Price Rise Confusion

My dad and I both signed up recently and have recieved our notification of price rises before the switch has taken place - fair enough we were warned that there could be an increase soon. BUT the bit that has us confused is the amounts that we’ve been told our prices will increase by. My Dad’s direct debit was due to be around £100 per month and he has been advised his increase will be £2.57 per month. Where as mine was due to be around £63 per month but says it’s increased by £5.01 per month. I don’t understand why mine would be around double his where our based on our previous quoted direct debit costs I would expect mine to be around 2/3 of his

Once you are up and running you can adjust your direct debit to suit your usage… The figures though will be based on historical usage.

Hi @TraceW. Do you and your dad live in different areas?
There are quite large regional variations in the price increases, and this could explain the difference between you and your dad’s price rises.


@AnthonyO is right. There are regional differences as shown in the below:

Does this explain the difference? Also, the amount of energy you use changes the increase that you might see. As the gas increases are more than electricity, if you use more gas as a percentage of your total usage then the increase will hit you harder.

We are in different areas (I’m in Liverpool which is Merseyside and he’s in Lincolnshire which I think would be East Midlands) so that might be it but he uses a lot more gas than me - my usage is around £40 electric and £20 gas per month, so another reason why you would think his would be higher. It’s sad if it is correct. The increase takes Bulb significantly higher for me than a 1yr fixed rate with Eon.

I just done a price check Bulb v Eon and the results below and it is not giving me any saving. Price check based on Elec 2490 kWh & Gas 17575 kWh per year, based Scotland: