Price rise - November


You clearly give the reason for the price hike in Novemberbut I fail to see how the rise is gas costs has caused you to also increase the electricity price at the same time?

Also…you say prices have risen by 18%, yet the gas retail price appears to be increasing by 35% from £2.86 to £ 3.84 per kwh?

Hi both - Happy to try and answer these. Electricity production in the UK still has a pretty big dependence on gas power plants. It’s one of the key ways other suppliers create electricity, so if this source is gone, the cost of all other electricity supplies goes up. The electricity price has gone up about 6% for our members and the gas has gone up by about 30% which is an 18% average - We’ve seen a lot of feedback that we should’ve been more clear about this though, so apologies there, we will improve.

@ieper4917 I’ve been asked why it’s more for some other reasons and I’m trying to get an answer on that, I’ll tag you in my reply once I get that.