Price rise

Hi there, I’ve only just joined bulb and I have just received an email for the price rise. But the email doesn’t state what the new costs will be. Can you please let me know what the new rates will be or where i can find them on the website.

Also just got this as a new customer, not impressed to have been quoted on old rates as part of the transfer to join last week and now be told rates are going up.

The tariff is in the letter attached to the email.

Ive not had the email yet, looking forward to seeing what my +% will be so I can plan my budget.

Hi @Jasonmartin - you should have had an attachment in the email - if you didn’t let me know and I’ll personally send you one. Just write the @ symbol and then my username so I get an alert.

@CollinsonMayfield - these rates don’t come into effect until November, you will be on your initial rates until then.

@Catan - I hope you receive it soon, sending an email to every single one of our members takes quite a bit of time. We are giving 62 days notice of the increase to make sure that even the last of our members still has 60 days to work out what they’d like to do.