Price rise

So we sign up and in the run up you go on about how wonderful you are, and bang, straight away after 5 days you say your putting the prices up. Just like every other supplier, crooks. You never said this was going to happen. VERY DISAPPOINTED ALREADY!!

Hi @peco4321 - we’re sorry you don’t feel we weren’t transparent enough about this. If you joined in the last month the join site was updated to say that wholesale prices were rising.

We also try to be as clear as possible that it is a variable tariff that can change if wholesale costs change. We’d love to hear suggestions on how we can improve this though, we don’t want to see any of our members unhappy, especially if they feel they’ve been misinformed. You also have 2 months before these prices come into effect so you can mull over everything and see if Bulb are still right for you.