Price Rise

Today is 11th September, we switched to Bulb at the beginning of this month. Very disappointed about a rise in our monthly bill already. We have already paid £85 on 1st Sept thus paying in advance of supply of our gas and electric.

Hi @twmac - The price rise doesn’t come into effect until the 11th November, and we are not planning on raising your monthly payments just yet. However, we understand your frustrations with this, which is why we gave double the Ofgem recommended notice period for this - we want you to have as much time as possible to think through everything and see what is right for you.

I have to be honest, I too am disappointed with another increase but in all fairness, even with that it is cheaper than how much I was paying at ScottishPower.

Here I can only say the customer service team have been great, answering questions virtually immediately, when I was at ScottishPower power it was a true nightmare over my nearly 2 years there and my direct debit was always being changed by them.

I had to phone almost every month To rectify an ongoing problem with their algorithm that was wrong and in ScottishPower favour.

Came here and it’s like another planet, responsive, polite and helpful. I’m highly impressed :slight_smile:

Kind regards john

Hi John,
Thanks for the kind words - we’re aware that there are still ways we can improve this, and we’ll do everything we can to continue providing the service you’ve been really happy with - And with our pricing principle if we have to raise our prices we wait as long as we can but if prices drop by more than £20 per year we drop them immediately - We hope we’re able to do that for our members soon.