price rise

you say price rises will be about 11% you have told me mine will be 19% and you only compare with variable tariffs … I have substantial credit with can I have back immediatley

@aidanjukes our price increase is 11% on average - this does mean that some members will have a higher increase, unfortunately.

We’ve refunded the excess credit on your account, to be with you within 5-10 working days - I’ve sent an email confirming the amount.

Well thanks for that… it is my winter hedge… But my question was really why .I live in one of the most populated areas of the UK the distribution costs should be at best near the lowest yet my increase is 8% over the average which suggests that other users are getting increases far less than 11% It can’t be you would rather not have me as a customer as I have been prepared to leave the account overpaid and indeed recommended your company. other apparently green companies are now available…Anyway I will go and bake myself a banana cake whilst you you decide whether to reply

I opened my Bulb account in December 2017 paying £98.73. In June this year you increased my payments to £133. With the new increase my payments will increase to £158.96 which represents an increase of over 60% IN LESS THAN ONE YEAR. I’ve seen enough. I’m off!!

Hi @aidanjukes I’m afraid that distribution costs make up relatively little of this price increase, most of which came from the increase in wholesale prices. And it’s certainly not that we don’t want you as a member! The increase in tariff in each area is the same for everyone. @JohnB I’m sorry to hear your prices have gone up enough that we aren’t the best tariff for you anymore, and I hope that when wholesale prices start dropping again we’ll be able to offer you a tariff that’s a good deal for you

Well ok maybe i am being obtuse…Lets put it another way. if it is not distribution costs why are your customers in this’ area being asked to pay so much more than the average …I do believe that i read somewhere that distribution costs accounted for the differences for meter costs in various regions, but you say that this is not true

Hi @aidanjukes.

The average cost for gas increased by 20% in the UK, but the increase will be different for each region.

In previous price increases, we kept the price of our gas tariff lower in some regions to limit the impact for members hoping that costs would decrease. But unfortunately, wholesale costs have continued increasing so we aren’t able to hold them back any more.