Price rise!

Getting really embarrassing,I was on Facebook and advert came up about why bulb was increasing prices and it mentioned Norwegian fields being shut down longer than expected! For god’s sake these shutdowns are planned every year and July,August,September are the shutdown months! Warm weather so good time for planned maintenance! Do bulb think we’re dickheads?last year bulb didn’t know what the forties was and I informed them that we got a lot of gas from Norway because of their small population! Well they’re cocky now with that info blaming Norway for gas rises! Give us a break Amit and Hayden get your snouts out the trough! I hope loads leave like me !

Hi @John2152 - Here’s some additional sources if you’d like.

You are of course entitled to your opinion but Bulb are not the only company to increase their prices this year. The gas shortage is very real and there are multiple factors that feed into this. Ofgem themselves have raised the mandatory price cap due to the rising wholesale costs, which are directly related to the gas shortages the UK is facing, also due in part to the bitter winter we faced this year.