Price rise

Literally just joined and days later find my direct debit is to rise by a staggering TWENTY percent. When I queried this, it turns out my northern postcode is charged more than others. The statement on Bulb’s website says the ‘average home’ this and the ‘average home’ that and does NOT make it clear that price rises are not being applied equally to every Bulb member. Presumably those of us in the colder north are subsidising those in the warmer south.
If the 11.1% is an average rise and I am paying more than 20%, then where do I need to move?

Hey @Murphydog1

Energy costs are different in each region around the UK due to factors like transmission costs. The average cost for gas increased by 20% in the UK, but the increase will be different for each region.

In previous price increases, we kept the price of our gas tariff lower in some regions to limit the impact for members hoping that costs would decrease. But unfortunately wholesale costs have continued increasing so we aren’t able to hold them back any more.

This is why your price increase may be higher than the average.

I am sorry for the frustration the price rise has caused. We remain to be cheaper than the 6 standard tariffs but we understand if you can find a provider that is cheaper for you.