Price rise

Having joined bulb at the beginning of September I am disappointed to see I am going to be hit with a price rise already effective November. What I find particularly annoying is the gas unit price rise of 26% - how can that be justified? The electric is going up by about 2.5%. It will almost negate the benefit of switching. I shall do a price comparison again in November.

Hey @“John2” - unfortunately, the prices of buying the gas and electric for Bulb has increased so in order to keep on top of their business model, they sadly forced to increase the prices to their consumers and customers. You’re definitely welcome to do another price comparison in November and you’ll be pleased to hear Bulb charge no exit fees - huzzah!

@john2. We’re sorry that the price rise has coincided with your switch. We do understand your frustrations. Our blog post explains the reasons for the increase in gas prices. It’s worth a read.

We don’t like increasing our prices. When costs fall by more than £20 per year, so will your tariff.