Price rise !

Very disappointed to hear about the forthcoming price rise, this will take my energy costs up to the price my previous supplier was charging and if the global squeeze continues at the current rate my family will be forced to permanently switch off power. It is apparent we are now living in a world where corporatism is removing life’s basic necessities from humanity.

HI there @Puss2019 I’m sorry to hear that rising prices are causing you difficulties. In the longterm, if we all keep pushing for more renewable energy, then things like rising natural gas prices will have much less of an impact and prices will start going down again, a nice side benefit to the other super important benefits of reducing CO2 and so on. Not just good for the planet-good for all of our wallets too!

Thank you for your reply, however I absolutely do not believe prices will ever become cheaper for the public, that’s not how capitalism works ! As previously mentioned soon families will find it impossible to heat their homes , I witness every week families who are forced to decide whether they heat the home or put food on the table to feed themselves, if the choice is heating then they have the humiliation of receiving hand outs from one of the many hundreds of charity food banks currently based in the U.K. All energy companies share the responsibility for this and I grant you some more than others. When those of us left get witness a world that works completely with green energy , we will still be forced to pay through the nose for it or go without. Fact is a roof over a mans head , food , water , heat are the most basic of human necessities and should be FREE or at least funded by governments who have received numerous taxes from you and I.

Hi @Puss2019 perhaps I am a bit too much of an optimist. I do agree that the government and energy suppliers both bear some responsibility for high energy prices, though things like the governments recent price cap are a step in the right direction, and we personally will always do everything we can to keep our prices as low as possible. While so much of the cost of energy is made up of the price of energy from generators, though, there’s only so much we can do-and while the market price for energy is high, we can’t really expect generators to sell their energy for less than that price-capitalism at it’s heart, I suppose.