Price Rises (but not what you think)

Hi all,

I’m fully aware of the price rises and have budgeted to accept them. I have enough credit in my account to weather the storm over winter.

My question is this, we all got a price rise email to say our prices are increasing 11%, and the average increase is about £x per month.

This is all based on average energy use, I find that I’m in about the 20th percentile compared to average energy use so the £5 a month or whatever is meaningless to me.

One thing I’d find really handy is if in the email it says your prices in emails are increasing that means your new unit cost of gas is X and your new unit cost of electricity is Y.

For me that would help me factor in budgeting and whether I want to move. I’m pretty sure I don’t and am happy with the CS provided by bulb

Hi @FromTheValleys ,

In the email you received, it should have had an attachment (Variable Price Change Letter Template.pdf) which listed the ‘current’ and the ‘new’ standing charges and unit costs.

You can also check the ‘latest’ unit costs on (stick your postcode in near the bottom - or use the normal ‘sign up’ flow on the Bulb home page) as ‘new customers’ (who use that page) will always be charged the latest prices - existing customers get 60 days notice so the prices in ‘Account and Tariff info’ will show the ‘current prices’ and not the new ones for that period (you can also see the ‘Messages’ section on that page which will give you a copy of the variable price change notification if you want it).


If you check out your “Account & tariff info” page at: you should see a message dated 11 September (or within a day or so) “Variable Price Change Email” this shows the Current & New Unit Costs plus the projected annual increase in costs.

Thanks @RichyB and @Allanr. @FromTheValleys, I’ve sent you a private message with the letter in it, just in case you missed it.