price rises

just had an e-mail telling me that you are increasing your prices,I only just switched a month ago but did factor in the fact you hadn’t yet so may well do so soon ,my main concern is the email says it will cost me about £16 more a month !!! my d/d will stay the same for now though ? bit of a contradiction there…I am confused and also this amount is approx 20% rise where the average big six rise was around 6% .

There seems to be quite a few price increase posts, but I’ll add to this one and it’s currently at the top of the page!

Mine has increased by over £12 a month, which is easily the biggest increase I have ever had with any supplier.
I’ve been with Bulb about a year now and have liked everything about them and I can’t lie, I’ve made quite the pretty penny through my referral link. But this increase does seem a little (a lot) silly.

Can we all get an official (not generic bullshit) response please? Methinks you might get a few leavers otherwise!

Hi @ross8192 and @madele88 - Thanks for voicing your concerns about this and wanting to talk it over with us.

@madele88 - we aren’t going to change your monthly payment automatically, but you can always do this through your Bulb account if you’d like. Quite a lot of the sums done on your estimated usage are based off last year, which was a notoriously cold winter. If this year’s isn’t as bitter as last then it will be a smaller difference. Many of the Big 6 have raised prices a few times this year, and as our email to you said, by November we’ll be £196 cheaper than the average Big 6 tariff.

@ross8192 - I completely understand where you are coming from on this as well, we’ve tried to give as much information on this as possible through blog posts and emails giving an overview of why the prices were rising. If you go have a look at the comments today you’ll see I’ve been replying to almost everyone personally, not copy/pasting a generic response. I’ve also tried to provide examples and sources outside of Bulb to add an extra layer of authenticity.

If there’s anything you think Bulb or I haven’t been transparent enough with though, do let me know and I’ll try and provide more.

@phproxy - thanks for the graph, it’s a helpful tool to see what’s been going on with the gas prices.