Price rises

Genuine question but why don’t you sack off the referral program instead of rising your prices for a 3rd time this year?

Me not from Bulb, but I doubt if that would cover it, and, the more customers brought on board the better efficiencies which helps to reduce costs.

Can’t hurt though.

Not sure how more customers would help, especially considering they will lose alot of customers due to the price rise.

I think there might be something to that. Somebody is paying for all those referrals…
Bulb are now £200 more expensive for me than other small suppliers who track the wholesale cost. My threshold is £150 so I’m off.

Hi @LM123 - We don’t have any plans to ‘sack off’ the referral program at present. Through any avenue that we try to grow there’s a cost to it, and we’d much prefer to reward our current and new members for spreading the word, then giving the money to another company.

Getting rid of the referral program wouldn’t cover the rise in wholesale price, and as @scudo says we are able to scale better efficiencies with a larger member base. In the same way we wouldn’t look to offset wholesale price rises by staff cuts or anything else that would also harm our member base.

@LHaynes - that’s fully understandable, I hope you enjoy your new supplier.