Prices doubled since moving from BG to Bulb

I live in a small 2 bed H.A bungalow. I changed to Bulb from B.G about 7 months ago to save money. What a joke.

My Direct Debits are twice what they were with B.G.
I have solar panels and air source heating, yet my bills have gone from 80.00 per month to 139.00 a month, and Bulb want to increase it in April to 199.00 a month.
I can’t afford to pay 139.00 a month, and surely I shouldn’t be,as the solar panels offset the cost of winter so my bills should lower in summer.

I’ve contacted my H.A about most economical way to use the air source, but they bamboozled me with confusing answers, I have brain damage from a brain aneurysm and they ignore that I need things explained very simply.

I contacted Bulb customer services but " it was not much help and gave me answers off a script.

I badly need to lower my direct debit or I can’t afford to heat my home. I live with my autistic daughter so both of us are disabled and I’ve regretted switching to Bulb ever since.
Can someone from Bulb please help me lower my bills?

And can anybody help me with the air source heating. It’s Dalkin, no under floor heating.

Thanks so much.

Contact Bulb again and tell them you want to pay on receipt of each bill, make sure you give a meter reading three days before each bill due date to make sure it is accurate and not estimated and that way you will only pay what you use and not the average 12 months they have calculated.

Bulb please respond to this customer and provide advice / support

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Thanks so much for replying.
I’ve looked at my meter readings and only one is estimated, but there’s a sudden jump? I’ve tried to enclose a screenshot but it won’t let me as a new member.

Please can someone from bulb help?

Bulb are still ignoring me. Customer services just answer my queries as if it’s a totally different question or customer, and totally ignore what I’ve said or fail to even answer the emails.

Today I’ve had another letter from bulb telling me my DD are going to be 199.80 a month.


Bulb just doesn’t care. I thought British Gas were bad, but Bulb really do not care less about customers welfare.
The stress this is causing me is immense, if I have a total breakdown or worse, on Bulbs head be it…

Hi @Bebe1 :wave:

Apologies for the delay in responding to your query. I appreciate that the situation with your payments is stressful so I want to assist as much as I can.

From looking at your account, I can see that your smart meter is sending over meter readings to us regularly, meaning the statements we are sending through each month will be accurate to your usage. Those statements are coming in a fair bit higher than your current payment amount, which is why we have increased the payments from April onwards. The higher usage alongside the increased tariff coming next week means that your current payments won’t be covering your usage, allowing your account to build up debt.

There are a few things that we could offer if you’re worried about paying for your energy. Firstly, we can set your direct debit to take the exact amount shown on your statements for you. This would mean that we just deduct your exact monthly usage from your bank account each month.
We could also look at switching you over to Smart Pay As You Go. This would involve topping up your smart meter in-store or via our app in order to pay for your energy.

If neither of those options seems appropriate, or you had any other questions, please let me know.

-Luke :bulb:

Hi Luke.
I don’t understand why I have to pay that much over the spring/summer anyway, when I have solar panels! In summer my bills are MUCH lower! I would be paying 200 a month when my bills in summer are about 35 a month!
I am in NO debt to you, so it’s shocking that you are putting my bills up to 200 a month when I owe you nothing!
A pay as you go meter wouldn’t work for me. I live in a small rural village, I can’t drive as I’m too disabled, and there are no shops here and limited bus service. I’m not sure if trust topping up by app as from what I’ve been reading your apps are unreliable.

Can you please explain the monthly only paying what I use? Can you tell me roughly what that direct debit will be? If it means cheaper monthly payments to you, and I mean considerably cheaper, I would be interested.
Thanks, you’ve been more of a help than Ramone at customer services.

The monthly only payment method means you will only pay what you actually use so long as you send in meter readings around 3 days before your bill is due. Otherwise, your bill will be estimated.

It simply means each DD will be different each month based on your useage. Naturally, if you use less in the summer, you’ll pay less and vice versa.

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Yes can I do this then please?

Pleasr can someone come and check the smart meter and show me where my main usage is going to as maybe my solar panels are not working?! Either way something is very wrong
Brigette Barnes

Hi @Bebe1 :wave:

That’s all set up for you now. From April onwards, we’ll take the exact amount shown on your monthly statements through your direct debit within 14 days of the statement being sent.

In terms of your usage, we wouldn’t be able to let you know where your electricity is being used specifically, as we only receive the total electricity used, which is of course what we use to bill you. If you wanted to investigate your exact usage, including checking for faulty appliances or your solar panels, it would be best to arrange for an electrician to visit the property. They will be able to run through everything with you and look for any issues within the property that may be contributing to your higher bills.

-Luke :bulb:

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Is this true?
Probably why customer services always emailed me early hours of the morning then. Abroad somewhere.

And there’s no communication between customer services, after Luke here said he had changed my payments to only what I’ve used, Ramone from customer services emailed me early hours of this morning telling me he’s put my payments set at 140 a month now.

I need to change supplier. Bulb or whoever they now are, are not interested in anything but profits.


I had an email in the early hours from Ramone at customer services saying he had set my DD at 140 a month? This was after you said you had set up for me to only pay for what I use monthly. How do I over-ride the 140 that Ramone set it at? And how do I know when I have to send readings? I as said earlier, I have brain damage from a brain aneurysm and need things explained simply and very clearly or I get overwhelmed.

Thank you

What a load of twaddle !

Sorry? What’s a load of twaddle?!

What a terrible company, whoever they are.
No answer to my last post at all.

Do what i have done cancel dd and pay on receipt of bill. I am also disabled and it works for me, the electric meter is my main concern but finally they sorted my problem and i can just manage to get readings but the gas meter i cannot read to high for me in a wheelchair but i ask someone to read it for me now and my neighbours are great. DD is not the only way to pay ask for a monthly bill and pay yourself within a week it really is that easy. I had a stroke and am also physically challenged 72 years of age.

Thank you, :slight_smile:

Luke ( on here) said he set that up for me, but it doesn’t seem he did as I had another email from customer services after telling me what my direct debit is set at?

I wish I could change provider but it’s not a great time is it, as soon as it is I’m out of here, I left British Gas after 40 years to move to this lot and regretting it massively, I can’t deal with the stress.

I have pestered them every day for 2 weeks and sent emails my melectric meter showed i had used 375kwh in 7 days my normal usage for a month averages 160kwh i eventually had an operator that did put me on monthly usage payments but this still meant they would take this direct from my bank even though they were still estimating gas so i took it into my own hands told them i had cancelled DD and i would send meter readings ever darn day and when i received my true bill i would pay what i owed. 2 days later i received an email confirming that 340kwh had been removed as i had not used it they had been transferring the data to somewhere else.Problem sorted i get the bill on my normal date and pay within 24 hours as that is whenn DD would have been paid however i do keep £100.00 in credit just incase anything happens and i am unable to transfer it sounds a lot but it is better than giving the £150.00 a month to build up in their bank every month but remember you will still pay less in summer and substantially more in winter.

Thankyou again.

I’m really surprised at how useless and uncaring customer services seem to be.

@LukeM_at_Bulb did say this was now set up for me to only pay for what I use, but it’s not . How do I even read and send in meter readings from a smart meter?

I’m a bit worried to just cancel the DD but I guess that’s the only thing I can do? Emailing customer services is fruitless, I get just sweet words saying " how has my day been", or " I trust you are well dear?" …and always in the middle of the night. And totally ignoring my questions.

I’ve never been this worried about bills before. But now this, on top of the price hikes anyway, is causing me a lot of worry. I can’t put my heating on.
Thanks for your help, I,m grateful that someone’s responding.

Phone them tell them you will not pay set amount demand monthly bill they will tell you thats ok they will arrange that then you only pay for what you have used each month but the bills will be less in summer than winter allow for that. To take readings from a smart meter i only have experience with mine and they are smet 1 or first generation but go on line look for how to read smart meters instructions for different types easy to understand, keep on at them and you will get wahat you want because at the end of the month they get paid. I do not advise everyone to do the following but i have done this cancelled DD read meter every day let them know the reading only pay for what you have used each month but remember to pay within 3 days and a suggestion if you want is i keep the account at least £100.00 in credit always just incase something happens and i cannot pay when the bill arrives. NO COMPANY CAN FORCE YOU TO KEEP LARGE AMOUNTS IN CREDIT. as long as you do what i have done they cannot do a thing.