Prices Etc.

I guess price is one of the top things we all look at … I was having a quick pass-through and have seen a few complaints about prices and thought I would offer my experiences …
I was told some time ago of my price increases, and I guess I am lucky to have the time to check around.
I checked a week or so ago, so things could always have changed…
At that time of my looking I still could not find a better price than bulb, and anyway even a couple of pounds a year is not worth changing for.
There was a company called ‘pure planet’ but this was all app. based, and apps. don’t always work too well according to what phone/tablet you use, and I do like to talk to my supplier and discuss things and get details settled rather than struggle through an app that does not always cover my questions (if working)
I also belong to a ‘collective’ that is supposed to offer better prices to its members, but that again gave me a higher price than bulb !

So to sum up I am happy to stay here, they have always spoken well to me, but of-cause I will do all the checks.
Thank you,