Priority list for disabled ?

Dear Bulb. Do you offer any help for people such as myself who rely on electricity for life assisting medical equipment ? For instance, I use electrical equipment when I sleep to help me breath. Do you offer support if there are power cuts ? For me no electricity means not being able to sleep.
Thanks. And really happy with you all so far having changed from British Gas. and

You can also register directly with the local electricity network operator to ensure you get priority service in event of an outage. Bulb may do this indirectly, but I think it might be worthwhile to contact the DNO directly to make sure any data they have is what you would want it to be.

You can find out who your local network operator is here:

From that operators website you should be able to sign up for priority services. For example if you lived in the south east your local network operator might be UKPN in which case you would sign up for priority services here