Priority Services Register for members with special requirements

If you need a bit of extra help with managing your energy we’ll be happy to help out and give a hand where it’s needed.

What is the Priority Services Register?

Our Priority Services Register is confidential help for all of our members that have special requirements, so that members with special requirements can enjoy our energy and our service in the same way as everyone else.

Members who are eligible to register for the priority service may identify with one or many of the following:

  • Members of a pensionable age
  • Disabled or chronically ill
  • Vision or hearing impaired
  • Other customers who could be severely impacted by the loss of electricity or gas supply

To register, give us a call on 0300 30 30 635 or email

Services on the Register

Once we’ve confirmed your eligibility for the register you will access to a range of the following services. No charges of course, we’re just happy to help.

Password security schemes
If you want to be able to check the legitimacy of people visiting you, to take a meter reading for example, then we can set up a password for you. Whenever a meter reader, someone from the energy distributor in your area or from the National Grid comes to visit you you will be able to ask them for the password which they will repeat back to you.

Nominate someone to look after your energy for you
You can nominate someone to manage your energy for you, maybe a friend, family member or carer. We can set up correspondence mail to go to them as well.

Quarterly visits by a meter reader
We can schedule a meter reader to come and visit you once every 3 months if you have trouble getting to your meter due to a tricky location or your own mobility. This way you don’t need to worry about keeping your bills accurate if you can’t read your meter regularly.

(Even more) Advance notification of disruption to supply
Occasionally the National Grid and other distributors need to turn off energy to perform maintenance. If you operate vital medical equipment in your home it’s very important that you let us know so we can make sure your network operator is aware. They will then give you more notice than usual if they’re planning maintenance.

Extra measures in case of an emergency
We will put in place special arrangements for communication to you in the case of an emergency if you operate vital medical equipment in your home. So please let us know if this is required.

Member support by text for hearing impairment
If a phone call is difficult for you due to poor hearing, let us know that you’d prefer that we get in contact by email.

Communications for the visually impaired
If you are visually impaired, we can arrange to have one of the team contact you once a statement or piece of correspondence is sent to you. We’ll read the information out to you over the phone.

Large print statements and communications
We can also arrange for statements to be sent in a larger print format.

Other useful information

Citizens Advice Bureau For impartial advice on how to manage your energy and knowing your rights visit Or give them a call:

England: 03444 111 444
Wales: 03444 77 20 20
TextRelay: 03444 111 445

Age UK
For age relatd advice on energy, or other matters, visit or call 0800 169 2081.


We will keep any information you provide us regarding your reasons for being on the priority service register strictly confidential. It is however important for us to share this information with other business involved in directly involved in the supply of energy to you. By registering to be placed on the Priority Services Register, you agree to allow us to share this information as far as is reasonably necessary.

I am a Bulb customer over State Pension age so I came to register with your Priority Services Register.
I read “To register for the Priority Service Register please fill in this form and we’ll get right back to you” but I can’t see the form, so am stuck.

@Drave you’re right, we don’t have a form for you. My colleague @“JamesG at Bulb” is working on this now, and we should have a form later this week.

@Drave - We have decided not to release the form just yet until the online sign up process has been fully tested. For now, I would recommend giving us a call on 0300 30 30 635 or drop us an email to and we will register you asap!