Has anyone ever had an acknowledgement from

I’ve tried the email a few times over the last three months and received no replies.

I haven’t tried contacting them myself (see if others want to know what it is about), but when I’ve interacted with companies in the past and they’ve failed to respond, usually a dated ‘signed for’ letter to the data controller (as listed on you can search by name or registration number - Bulb Energy Ltd is ZA147969 ) gets a response (I’m casting shade here at Halifax who refused to correct my name/address on their multiple systems - which kept overwriting each other - until I did this). If you don’t get a response within a month, you can then make a formal complaint via (using a ‘signed for’ letter to the registration postal address is proof/evidence).

Hopefully this ‘formal/official’ way won’t be needed and somebody at Bulb will see this thread and find out what has happened in this instance.

Hi @tkerby

Emails sent to go to our member support team. I’ve searched all the emails that you’ve sent and it appears that we’ve replied to each one. The last email we received was on May 2nd and Nicola sent you a reply.

I’ll send you an email directly so we can discuss this and I can help you out with any questions.