Problem with reading submission


I’m due to pay my bill on the 10th of the month and every month I submit my readings to receive a more accurate bill.
As usual, this month I submitted my readings the next day after receiving your email.
I received the emails confirming my submissions, both for gas and electricity, but my electricity reading has not been recorded and when I checked the bill, I saw that my electricity has been calculated using the estimate, which is a lot higher that the actual reading…
It is possible to correct this or everything will be adjusted when I’ll submit my next readings?

Hi @irebigna ,

I would say in this case your reading was rejected by the third party meter verification company (who Bulb have to send readings to) for “reasons”. Whilst it might be sorted next meter reading, it might just be worth dropping Bulb an email via How to get in touch – Bulb with a picture of the meter and a note that you received the confirmation email so they can investigate/manually fix things (in my eyes, you shouldn’t have received the confirmation email if the reading was rejected).