Problem with Smart meter readings from Eon

I have submitted my Eon Gas meter reading. However, there is a problem with the electricity reading.
On your submit page, it demands both Day and Night readings for electricity. I have the Day reading (which is the only reading - and seems to be in line with my previous Eon reading on the bill)
However, the smart meter does not appear to show a Night reading, nor does the console in the kitchen. So, I tried to use the same Night reading as on the ‘previous’ line on your submit page - but your system won’t accept it, saying it is lower than the previous reading (which it isn’t, as I used the same one).
What do I do?

@DaveK, it sounds like Bulb may have the wrong meter information for your property.

Best to email ( a clear photo of your meter with the MPAN visible so they can ensure their records are correct.

Hey @DaveK - it definitely sounds a bit odd and that’s great advice from @mowcius. It looks like my colleague Josie has just replied to the email you sent over last night, so hopefully we’ll have it all sorted soon :slight_smile: