Problems about meter reading

Hello, I would like to submit the meter reading though the app,
But I am a little bit confused about the day and night reading

When I press the display cycle button on the meter
There are 2 set of numbers
(1)18xxx , and (2) 49xx

Would you tell me which one is day rate and which is night?

I did check with my current supprier,
They told me (1)18xxx is day, and (2) 49xx is night

However, in the bulb App, I saw the reading record from the last occupier which is the opposite, I am quite confused.

I afraid summiting the reading wrongly will lead to the wrong change, would you please help me to figure out?

Best regards

Ka Fai

Normally the night rate is lower than the day rate because most people don’t use much overnight. There should be a little label on the meter just under the display telling you which rate is which

Take a reading first thing in the morning. Take another late in the day. Whichever has gone up is the daytime figure.


Yes, you are right :+1:, thank you

It shown (1) , and (2) below the reading, number. (1) is 18xxx and (2) is 49xx