Problems after smart meter installation

I had my smart meter fitted today by EON. Everything was good until I plugged in my EV to the podpoint wall charger. The podpoint gave the solid red fault light - a quick Google suggested the power needed to be cycled.

I opened the electric meter box and it was obvious what had happened. The little black clamp that connects to the live was broken and was just balanced in place (think this is the fuse saver transformer thing).

What should I do about this? Eon has damaged the pod point supplied kit and now I can’t charge my car… the engineer clearly would have know that he had broken/lost part of the clamp and though he would get away will balancing it in place.

Hi @meredith81

I’m really sorry for the issues you have had with your charger post installation.

I can see you have an complaint open with management and EON.

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