Problems logging in - 28th Sept 2017

Morning all,

We’re getting quite a few reports of members being unable to log in this morning. Our Tech team are investigating it with our authentication provider at the moment. I’ll update this discussion in about an hour as we gather more information.

If you’d like to enter meter readings, and can’t currently log in, please email them to and we’ll put them in for you. Otherwise, check back in later for more updates.

We’re sorry for any trouble caused. We’ll get this resolved ASAP and we’ll then find out the root cause so we can make sure this doesn’t happen again in future.


Update: 10:32am

Good news, We’ve identified the error and will have a workaround ready in the next 20 minutes or so.

Doubly good news, this workaround is the reimplementation of password entry which we have been working on for the last week following community feedback that you would like it back.

If you have never had a password don’t worry. Just click “Forgot password?” and you can create one without any fuss.

Thanks for being patient with us while we fix this.

Update 10:55am

Our workaround is live, you can now sign in with a password again.

If you have never had a password, click “Forgot password?” and you can create a new one easily.

If you still see a page that is asking you to send an email to log in and don’t see the option to enter a password, try refreshing your cache. On a PC hold CTRL and press F5. Other devices have slightly different methods, so reply here if you’re having trouble and we can help you out.

We’ll keep a close eye on this and will continue to work to resolve the root problem.

All the best,

Update 12:22pm

We’ve resolved the root of the problem. The index that the passwordless entry used to look up members to send them a sign in email wasn’t able to find some members. We’ve fixed that and so passwordless will work when we turn it back on.

We are planning to deploy both password and passwordless sign in later today

Thanks for bearing with us on this.