Problems with ihd


I’m having a problem with my ihd as it wont connect to the meter. The meter has been reset 3 times and its still not connected. The engineer showed me 4 little bars on the left hand side showing it was trying to connect but these have now disappeared. Unfortunately the engineer had to rush off to another job before the ihd connected, I’ve tried restarting it and placed it so it is only 2 feet away from the meter and still it will not connect. Please can someone advise how to get it to connect to the meter.

Ray Hawkins

It’s not your job, or within your capability, to make it connect to the meter.

You’ll need to contact Bulb and report the fault. Don’t use email, they take weeks to respond.

How can I contact Bulb apart from Email please you will see phone and chat options

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Thank you for your help