Problems with Samsung Smarthings

Trying to get my data out for some analysis so was happy to see ST supported - BUT - it fails to work.

I am trying to re-register again with a new ST account but it keeps saying IHD is already registered despite me uninstalling it.

Any thoughts?

Also any other interface to take data out? Octopus seems to better in this regard.

Hi @jklondon,

Have you tried a hard reset of the IHD? You’ll need to hold down the reset button for 15 seconds.

Might be worth taking a look at this guide for Bulb members if you haven’t already: Set up Samsung SmartThings Energy Control | Samsung UK

Freya @ Bulb :bulb:

I’m guessing the information hasn’t reached Bulb’s Moderators yet and they’re recycling the same, tired ‘advice’

I’m in the same boat as you, Smartthings isn’t receiving data from the smartmeter IHD and hasn’t been since midnight last night despite re-pairing and hard cycling of the IHD yet was working fine for months

Well it’s that’s good to know that I’m not the only one. Smartthings hasn’t registered any new data for me since 00:20 last night. Keeps saying “Getting data…” in the app. I’ve also been through the reboot everything routine.

Could someone from Bulb please look into this?

Hey @dazmanic,

I’m really sorry you’re having issues with your connectivity. This should resolve itself in time, in which case the missing data will appear. If it doesn’t, the SmartThings app will ask you to reboot your IHD and check your Wi-Fi is working. There is lots of helpful info here too if you have any other questions.


Similar problem here: gas reading were working, but no electricity updates for 4 days. I tired to remove the bulb device from smartthings, than to re-adding it, and I get a “an error has occurred” an nothing else:

(No, I do not have network issues.)

EDIT: I’ve tried it on another phone, and another version of Android. Same error.

Hi Freya,

Did all that, followed the steps. Still getting this

Anything you can do on your end?


Hey @jklondon - is this on the app itself you’re seeing that?

Hi - yes its on the smarthings app in android as I go through the setup process, essentially I cant proceed from this point on.

Just to add that I’m having similar issues here.

Last Electricity reading to reach Smart Things was on Tuesday 26 January at 00:19. Last Gas reading was Monday 25 January at 21:50.

And yet another person adding to this thread.
I’ve been importing data perfectly fine from the IHD for nearly 18 months, and at the same time as @MikeyC - 00:19 on Tuesday 26th - it has dropped off the Wi-Fi and refuses to reconnect to SmartThings, or the home Wi-Fi.
Needs following up definitely.
@GeorgieS_at_Bulb Has an IHD update been rolled out in the last week that has broken Wi-Fi connectivity?

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I’m still not receiving any data in the SmartThings app, just saying “Getting data…”.

I’ve not been prompted by the app to do anything, although I have rebooted my IHD and router several times, but my internet connection is fine otherwise. The IHD is showing it is connected to WiFi and the meter and I can see my live and historical usage on it.

As other people are reporting the same thing, going off at the same time mine did, maybe it’s an issue on your end?

@dazmanic Yeah I’ve managed to get it reconnected to the WiFi after a hard reboot (15 seconds) but still not data through to SmartThings, as with you. Seems like a Bulb side issue, timing can’t be a coincidence.
The pair CAD to Account section of the IHD is saying ‘No pairing available’ now, can you check on that on your too @dazmanic

Yeah, it’s saying the same thing for me in that section. I noticed that before, so I didn’t want to risk trying to go through the pairing process again with SmartThings in case it wouldn’t connect.

I feed my data from SmartThings to Home Assistant as I’m on the smart tariff to keep a track of peak and off peak usage. I noticed Home Assistant wasn’t getting any data from SmartThings about 12 hours after it had gone off.

Right, so, I thought I’d take a punt, and remove the meter from SmartThings, and that’s it, it’s gone. No Pairing available, and unable to reconnect via the SmartThings App.
Yeah so dazmanic you were right, it won’t go back on.
I was also feeding my data to Home Assistant (there must be dozens of us) and only noticed when I went to check Grafana.
It seems to me like a server crashed at exactly that time, and hasn’t come back up. @GeorgieS_at_Bulb @Freya_at_Bulb something needs checking on your end.

This is exactly what I am trying to do - get this data in HA - wish there was a direct feed or 3rd party HA integration to do this to Bulb and not have to use ST (which for me at least has never worked)

Well for now, you can’t!
It is annoying that it’s Zigbee based but locked to Samsung, but as we were saying, it worked until exactly 00:19 on 26/01/21…
Shame it’s now seemingly broken completely.

What do other (non-Bulb) providers do? Any of them more tech friendly?

It really isn’t a thing here in the UK at the moment.
Bulb are (were) the only provider of something resembling actual access to data on a ‘local-ish’ level.
If it’s not fixed in a few weeks, I might finally bite the bullet and get myself a Z-wave energy meter to wire in myself. As leaving up to cloud providers is clearly not a solution.

Right yeah, that’s what I was worried about. Hopefully you’ll be able to get it re-paired when it’s working again.

It was my Grafana graph that alerted me to the problem too. Very useful to have, but no good when it goes wonky. To be fair though it had been working for a long time without issue, apart from the occasional drop outs from the IHD.