Problems with Samsung Smarthings

Email from Bulb after ringing them yesterday and manually submitting my readings, “Your electricity meter isn’t connecting to the smart network, so you’ll have to submit readings manually, we may be able to fix this remotely, if we can’t, a new engineer visit might be necessary, we would look to arrange this in the next 6 months” WTF!!

I was wondering about the cellar location of the meter being the issue, moving it isn’t really an option, so is it possible to attach an external wifi aerial to the smart module?

Is your meter connected to your WiFi? I am wondering if it is then could they get the data through your Local Area Network rather than the Wide Area Network (4G) by default.

No, the engineer didn’t connect it to my wifi, I don’t think he even tried to connect to my wifi, just left it, and according to Bulb, hadn’t submitted my meter details to them either…Funnlly enough I can get a 4g signal in the cellar on my samsung s10+, that’s how I used to submit readings via the Bulb app…

You can do this yourself via the IHD from the settings menu. Worth a try.

The smart meters (comms hubs really) never connect to home WiFi. They don’t use it.

OTOH, the IHD (at least, current ones) can be connected to your own WiFi, and that will get updates for itself from your energy supplier.

The IHD connected to my wifi with no problem, but just couldn’t connect to the electricity meter, even left it on top of the meter, just not talking to each other or the wider network, it seems like he rushed the job and legged it to pick his kids up from school…Funny thing, when I reset the IHD, it remembers my wifi, and connects without a problem, but still not finding the electricity meter, because it’s not connecting to the WAN for reasons best known to the engineer, now I’m furloughed, my energy bills are skyrocketing and I’d like some control, this hasn’t been the seamless experience the glossy tv ads promise, it seems to sum up the state of customer care and behaviour of utilities and corporations, tried to apply for the warm home discount, being 64, diabetic with copd, kinda useful atm, sorry, Bulb says all gone, try again in spring…/


So I started this thread to get some help in accessing by meter data via Smart Things.

I still cant do that and it seems others have similar (and related) problems.

Bulb don’t seem that interested in getting involved beyond just pointing people to a webpage. I did contact Smart Things and they didn’t bother to respond.


The good thing which I learnt is that it is possible to get your data (assuming its being fed from the meter to DCC ) via firms designated as “DCC Other User”.

One such firm is Hilderbrand

They provide their own IHD that are compatible with Bulb - but - for free you can use their App [1] and access your meter data (with 30 min delay).

This actually worked first time and I am exploring getting real time data and using their API.

The key thing about this approach is that your not tied to the energy provider.

Hope this helps.


Bright App:



@jklondon also have a look here n3rgy data - accessing smart energy data

Spoke to Bulb today about the “estimated” readings I supplied them on Monday, found out that as i suspected the “engineeer” never commissioned the electricity meter, they have now got correct readings, and have amended my bill accordingly, have also promised to try to remotely commission the meter and will let me know via email if I might need another visit/meter…

Now working ok, remote commissioning worked ok and now smart things is working too many thanks to Lou at Bulb for speeding this up…

Same issue here…Smart Things Energy Control App been has been getting data for the last two weeks. IHD6 reading fine, data being sent to Bulb app ok, deleted STEC app, reinstalled, cleared storage and cache

I got the same thing, reporting to bulb and my Home assistant works but SmartThings app does not get the latest data at all…Waited for a week and still no data displayed in the SmartThings app.

I have tried to remove the meter again today and now I have a new issue.

When I try to add the bulb smart meter all goes fine until the end. Once I tap Done on the last screen where it says it was successfully connected I get a popup with “Service has been removed.” And the smart meter has not been added. Really strange and annoying. Happened to anybody?

Per above I gave up with Smarthings its just too unreliable. As said you can try

Bright App:



Or (someone else suggested I havent tried yet)


Bright App works, and I can see there is some work done to connect to Home Assitant.

n3rgy is only allowing me to download my usage in excel… Bright App is better IMHO

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Yes agree Bright App its good and I can reconcile (daily) with Bulb so that gives me confidence on the data.

I might get their IHD so I can stream real time to Home Assistant.

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Have you tried below? Haven’t had a chance to read through, do you need their IHD or… anyway I managed to add the smart meter in SmartThing and reporting works but defo I will try something more stable.

Hi all,

We currently have Samsung and Chameleon running a live Q&A. Where they’ll be able to answer all these questions for you and any others.

Feel free to check it out here: Samsung SmartThings Energy Control - We are live today to answer your questions

Hi, we’ve been with bulb for just over a year. When we joined our pipit 500 IHD stopped working so we stopped using it. Recently we’ve started using smartthings and noticed bulb works with smartthings but we dont have a compatible IHD…we cant even find the pipit 500

Can we get a new IHD? Do we need one to connect to smartthings or can we connect another way?

Hi @rynid welcome to Community :wave:

You have the first generation smart meters. These types of meters were never installed by Bulb and so we do not have compatible IHD’s to send out. It also means we do not have the capability of fixing any issues with your current display.

I can see you are set up for half-hourly readings which means the usage graphs in your Bulb account will display in-depth usage info just like the display would have done.

Let me know if you have any questions about this,

– KT :bulb: