Problems with Smart meter

Hi im being charged daily for gas when boiler is off and unplugged and cooker poss on 2 hobs for 30mins daily ,this prob started on 25march2022,got charged £5.02 2nd april 12.85 and varying amounts since but always over my historical usage ,i have been in touch only to be told i must be using the gas ,done the appliance testing etc ,all what they shud be ,i know what my usage is and has been from 2019 as having a so called Smart meter makes u very aware of usage,ive been.taking numerous smart meter reading dailysince this began and pix of smart readings .this issue is ruling my life so can Someone help,i asked customer service in the beginning to go over my history and u wud c that im a very low user with readings to match ,it shud be apparent if this was checked pls as Nothing in household has changed At All and Central heating hasnr been on for weeks and weeks .sorry for such a long post .

Hi @Foxy06 :wave: thanks for getting in touch and welcome to the community :partying_face:

The best way of monitoring your usage is reviewing your statement each month. If you are providing meter readings or if you have a smart meter and are receiving readings then we will only be billing your for your actual gas usage. I just want to remind you that even if you aren’t using any or a minimal amount of gas you still have to pay a standing charge.


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