Problems with switching

Has anyone had problems switching to this company? I’m worried I’ve made a mistake here. Thanks

Currently going through the process myself and so far all appears to be going well. I’d also add I am migrating from a company that has extremely negative reviews on Trustpilot and I expected the process to be far more difficult than it should be but as I said, so far so good.

I seem to be having problems with meter readings. I supplied readings to Bulb for gas and electricity but the gas reading is now showing incorrectly as an estimate, and overestimated at that. They seem to have passed on an incorrect value to my previous supplier which has resulted in an overcharge.

Hi @lorrdevl, a few months in here myself and no issues so far.

Everyone’s in agreement about how false the trustpilot reviews look, but aside from a few things which you may find a bit unusual initially (paying in advance for example), I’m sure you’ll be happy here.

@SpiritedHen, have you spoken to them about this? Switches are a weird process as your meter readings have to go to a third party for checking before being passed on. It’s likely that the third party has either delayed the gas meter readings, or altered them (I have no idea why they do this but it does happen).

@lorrdevl What issues with switching are you having, let us know and we can help out as best we can!

@SpiritedHen The readings as @mowcius says, were sent to the third party and they failed validation so we received an industry estimate. We can change this reading and so have sent a proposal to change it back to your reading, once this has been confirmed with your previous supplier then we will both be changing our readings and you will get a new final bill.