Problems with switching

We moved flats in June and switched to Bulb for gas and electricity. The other company have recently billed us, despite Bulb telling us they had a date for our switch for both (the flat was already with Bulb for gas). This other company said they have no knowledge of this switch and as far as they are aware, they are the providers for our flat. I have emails with Bulb to say they would contact this company to make the switch over.

We have paid for electricity that covered us until the switch date but now have this other bill looming over us. They have frozen the bill for a few days until we sort it with Bulb. It’s frustrating as we are paying two lots of electricity bills - a combined tariff with Bulb and then again with this other company. We can’t get hold of Bulb as their telephone open hours are during the hours we work. Has anyone had any experience of this before?

I have the same issue with Gas not being switched from the previous supplier, though the electric was not a problem. Sent an email to Bulb and waiting for them to respond as I have been paying both by direct debit and only just realised when the previous company asked for a meter reading.

@Amber91 I think my colleague Rowan has explained what’s happened in the email with your electricity being objected to. It’s all set to switch over, now.

@Jem31 I’ve replied to your email - we’ll need to double-check that we’ve taken over the correct gas meter.

hey guys, sorry to hear that you haven’t been able to reach us. It does take 3 weeks to switch to us so there may be a short period of time that your old supplier is still billing you. However I’d recommend sending in a photo of your meters (showing the serial number so we can identify it) to make sure we have the correct information on our system so we can investigate. Send it over to .