probs downloading statement

Hi - My dec statement doesn’t want to download for some reason. I just get an error msg (no detail on what type of error, just a msg stating that there is an error). Any suggestions?

Hi @annec, this is an issue we are currently fixing and it should be back to normal in a few days. If you would like, we can send your statements to you in a separate email :slight_smile:

Happy Friday folks,
I’ve just logged on to download a statement, and can’t find anywhere in the ‘Statements and Payments’ section of the account site to download. Am I being daft / missing something?


@mitchelcfowler I’ve just taken a look and you were most certainly not being daft!

We have now made sure that your up to date statement is visible in your ‘Statements and Payments’ section and I have popped a copy over to your email address :slight_smile: