Product update: our EV tariff is in beta

Happy World EV Day :wave: :oncoming_automobile:

We’re launching our EV Tariff in beta so that all members can now sign up and help us test it. All you need is a compatible smart meter to sign up.

Our EV tariff offers 4 hours of super low-cost electricity every night, between 2am and 6am. And while this might sound like a pretty unsociable time to use energy, our app can help you schedule your charging to take place between these times to get the most of the cheaper rates.

On joining the tariff you’ll find our app now has new EV features not only allowing you to smart charge your car on cheaper off-peak hours (around 5p/kWh on average) but also see your available mileage and track your costs. And of course you’ll be charging your car with 100% renewable electricity as standard.

We’ve also published a full guide to charging your car at home to help anyone considering making the change.

I also want to thank the @EV_Members who have been part of our trial so far, your feedback has been so useful in getting us to this stage. You’ve really helped us understand what people want from their EV products and how we can make our own products even better.


Can we have the full tariff details so can compare with my existing tariff.

If I was to trial are able to switch back to our old tariff? I am on economy 7 at present.

Hi @barkingmadmark , you can put your postcode into this page: Bulb | Car charging made simple and it gives the exact rates for where you live.

I put yours in and these are the rates you’d be on:

Just finding out about how easy it is to switch back to E7 rates if they work out more favourably.

It is such a shame that the SMETS-1 meters can’t be upgraded preferentially for beta participants. I’ve just set the ball rolling on a switch to another supplier because I hadn’t heard anything recently to update us on progress. Even though I would sign up in a flash for this new beta tariff it’s a non-starter if I can only do this with a SMETS-2. @Oisin_at_Bulb Shouldn’t the Bulb app (with EV integration) be able to tell you when actual charging is occurring - thus apply the correct charge for the time of day? I thought that was the reason for it… i.e. negate the need for the SMETS-2 meter in the interim before adoption of SMETS-1 into your network.

Just to come back on the point of switching back from the EV tariff.

You have a 14 day cooling off period that you can cancel at any time during. And then after that once you’ve switch you need to wait 35 days before returning to the previous tariff.

This article has all our tariff information and switching questions:

Sorry to hear that you’re on the move @steviestainz

The reason that we can’t put your meter on the EV tariff yet is because not all SMETS1 meters are on the network (DCC) we’re using for taking regular readings every half an hour for products like the EV tariff (we’re bringing them on gradually). You’d get an email once it’s enrolled though and then you could apply.

“All members can sign up and help us test it”

No, they can’t. We’d switch tomorrow, but you’ve still not fully enrolled our SMETS1 meter (though it’s been capable of half-hourly readings since March). Yet you still make posts like the above, and send out emails, saying “all members can”. Very misleading.

One the other hand, “we’re bringing them on gradually” is much closer to the truth. “Glacially” might be a better term. Maybe you could post a live chart showing numbers enrolled and left to do. Or perhaps that’d be too embarrassing.

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Hi there, I cant see how to sign up. The link above takes you to a quote page and then tries to sign you up as a new bulb customer. The it says ‘existing customer switch your tariff’. This just takes you to the app and I cant see anywhere to sign up!

Hope you can help.

I have the same issue as barkingmadmark. I click on the link and it takes me to the quote page but I am already a bulb customer. My account is not giving me the option to switch tariffs. I want to switch my tariff to the EV tariff. I have been in touch before and was told it would be done within the week but I am still waiting, weeks later. We have the correct meter as you installed the 2nd generation one a few months back. For the last few months, we are being charged high prices to charge our vehicle. If I am not switched this month I will be moving to another provider.

The problem for me is that I have a meter, from my previous supplier, British Gas. I have no idea whether it is compatible or whether it works on Bulb?

@Oisin_at_Bulb - I’ve tried to switch to the EV tariff but am unable to get past the page that calculates my quote. I tried a few times at the end of last week with the same result - is there a problem at your end or am I doing something wrong? I"m am existing Bulb customer with SMETS2 meters

@barkingmadmark @isabelm thanks for raising this issue, we’ve now updated the ‘Switch your electricity tariff’ link on the page so it goes directly to the switching flow.

This is the link:

Hi Rob,

That link doesn’t work for me - I just get:

We cant complete your request - Something Went Wrong - We couldn’t load the page because of a technical problem. Please try again later.

Hi @barkingmadmark,

Sorry to hear you are having issues following the link. Could you try again and let me know if it is showing the same message?

This link should work:

– Daisy :bulb:

Sorry I get the same error still.

Hi @barkingmadmark :wave:

There was a slight issue with your Bulb account and that’s why you weren’t eligible to switch. I’ve fixed that now so fingers crossed you should be able to switch over first thing tomorrow.

  • Campbell :oncoming_automobile:

Thank you Campbell, I await tomorrow with anticipation!!! Fingers crossed.

Hi there - whenever i try to connect the app to my EV i get a message saying linking a vehicle not available at the moment. Is this a temporary issue?

@Oisin_at_Bulb I have a first gen smart electric meter that you are connected to and take automatic readings from, yet if click to look at the EV tariff, it says I don’t have a smart meter so I cannot use the tariff. Is there a difference between being you able to read the meter and it being smart enough for the EV tariff? Can I expect another change/upgrade before the end of the year?