Product update: our EV tariff is in beta

Anyone been able to switch to the EV tariff - I am struggling as every time I try I get the following:

We’re updating your smart meters in our systems

You should be able to sign up in the next 10 days. Sorry for the wait.

If your smart meters were installed more than 2 weeks ago, email[] with ‘Tariff change request’ as the subject line. We’ll double check everything’s working as planned.

I had my SMET2 metre installed about 3 months ago. I have been told on here that I should be able to change overnight (that was 16 days ago), and sent the email as requested above, 10 days ago.

I still get the same error so am getting nowhere.



I switched to the EV tariff last month (second week of Sep). However, I noticed in the bill for Sep that the off-peak usage has been estimated, and it’s significantly lower than it should have been, which means I’ve been charged at peak rate for most of my EV charging!

This makes the EV tariff pointless for me, as even after having set up a lot of custom home automation to take advantage of the off-peak hours for charging my EV and other devices, I’m still being charged for them at the peak rate, which is higher than the standard tariff!

For context, I have an SM2 smart meter and my account has been configured to take readings every half hour.

Would appreciate if someone can look into this please.


An estimate for the off-peak reading does not (in itself) mean you’re being charged at peak rate for some of your off-peak usage.

You need to arm yourself with a couple of things:

  1. is the meter actually recording off-peak usage? ie does it have R01 and R02 readings? (Ignore the IHD, and play with the actual meter)

  2. does your Bulb account show two readings? (I’m guessing only one here, as you’ve got an estimated off-peak usage on your statement)

  3. do the numbers from (1) and (2) agree?

When you know the above, you’re in a better position to discuss the issue with Bulb.

Hi Robin,

Thanks for raising this issue. We’re sorry you’ve had problems with your statements.

The off-peak reads aren’t currently displaying on your Bulb account.
So we’ve had a little look and received your email. We’ll investigate further and get back to you as soon we’ve fixed this.

We’re still receiving your half-hourly meter reads, so we can backdate your usage to re-issue your statements. That means we won’t charge you just on the peak rate.

Thanks for your patience and take care,

Can someone from Bulb please get back to me on this? I’ve had no response to the post, can’t get through on the phone or webchat and haven’t had a response to my email.
My SMETS1 meter is already enrolled on the DCC because you are reading it but if i try to switch, it says you are trying to make the meter smart again. It already is!

Getting my EV this weekend and have the new smart meter and charging point installed.
I used the link in the app to see if the ev tariff was good for me and selected once a week charge or less and that I can schedule the charge but it said my current plan is probably the best.
My plan is currently the vari tariff. 21.55p unit rate, 24.03p standing charge, where as it says on bulbs EV tariff for my area 4.67p/kw between 2-6 and 20.27p all other times and a 22.25p standing charge so better on all aspects.
The ev rate looks far better, wheres the catch, will it effect my gas tariff?

Thanks for the information - learned a few things while trying to understand the meter readings! My Bulb account does show two readings, but the off-peak one seemed incorrect. The problem has been resolved though!

Many thanks for picking this up, Holly! The issue has been resolved since by the Bulb team.

For awareness, the Bulb team discovered a bug where my meter switched back to one rate after being switched to the EV tariff. However, since Bulb still had my half hourly data from the meter, and they recalculated and corrected my usage since the switch to EV tariff in an updated statement. I’ve been told that the bug has been fixed as well, but I’ll keep an eye on the night readings in my Bulb account just to be sure.


Hey @robinmitra,

Thanks so much for getting back to us and sharing your experience.

I am glad to hear your issue has been sorted. Please let us know if you spot this again and we will be sure to investigate further.

Let us know if you have any other q’s

– Daisy :bulb:

HI there,

On the 9th Sep (nearly 2 months ago) we were all told
all members can now sign up and help us test the EV Tariff

Since then I have been unable to sign up!! Please can someone help.

On the 13th Sept I replied stating that whenever I used the provided link that I got the error: Something Went Wrong - We couldn’t load the page because of a technical problem. Please try again later.

on the 15th Sep I was told: There was a slight issue with your Bulb account and that’s why you weren’t eligible to switch. I’ve fixed that now so fingers crossed you should be able to switch over first thing tomorrow.

26 days ago I had some progress and the EV Tariff appeared but as soon as I clicked on it I got: You should be able to sign up in the next 10 days. Sorry for the wait.

If your smart meters were installed more than 2 weeks ago, email[] with ‘Tariff change request’ as the subject line. We’ll double check everything’s working as planned.

I sent my email but heard nothing.

on the 16 Sep I had:Seems like my fix didn’t work which is frustrating. Leave it with me and i’ll work on getting your account eligible today.

19 days ago I received: We are just updating the industry which is going through today - it should work in the next 5 days.

15 days ago: Have just checked and we are waiting on some industry updates to go through. Once that’s done then we’ll be able to switch you no problem.

And since then I have heard nothing.

Am keen to sign up! But can’t!! Please help!



Hi @nlee, @mccltd and @barkingmadmark, thanks for posting. Firstly I’d like to apologise to @nlee and @mccltd for missing your posts previously. I am really sorry about that.

@nlee this is a good point. You have a first generation secure smart meter. This means that until recently, your smart meter only sent automatic readings to the supplier that installed it. However, it’s now enrolled on the Secure network to send us automatic readings which is great news. The downside is that your meter isn’t enrolled on the DCC network, which is the network that we use to change your tariff from one rate to our 2 rate EV tariff.

Eventually, your meter should be enrolled on the DCC network and so this tariff change should be possible. However, at the moment, we can’t offer the EV tariff to you. I am really sorry about this.

We could look at installing a second generation smart meter instead of a first generation smart meter, however there would be a cost of at least £120 attached to this and so this is a last resort. If this is of interest to you, let us know and we can look into how much this would cost you individually.

@mccltd congratulations on the smart install :relaxed: I can see that it’s sending us automatic readings and that you’ve signed up to our EV tariff. I think that the discrepancy in the prices there is that VAT is added separately on your statements (so you just need to check that both of those tariffs include VAT). The EV tariff has no effect on the gas price.

It’s great to have you on the tariff. Any questions, please let us know.

@barkingmadmark I’m sorry for the issues that you’ve had signing up to the tariff. I’ve just had a look in your account to check over everything. I’ve just tweaked a few settings in your account, so that should now be fine for you to switch to the tariff. I appreciate that it’s been a long time and I am really sorry about this. We just need to wait for your Bulb account to catch up now, which should happen within a week. If the option to switch to the EV tariff doesn’t appear in your account within a week, please let us know.

Thanks all,

Niamh :bulb:


Thanks for getting back @Niamh_at_Bulb

I did finally get in touch with your customer service via webchat and after a few failed commitments to respond, I got an answer.
Unfortunately the answer wasn’t satisfactory. They confirm very much what you have said. However, what you have assumed regarding my smart meter is incorrect. I know for certain that it is already enrolled on the DCC because I have it linked to the Loop energy app. They can only link to it if it is on the DCC.
Regardless, I was told that I could still only change to the EV tariff if I had a SMETS2 meter, even though all the information you require is available and it is on the DCC. I was also told you could replace my SMETS1 meter with a SMET2 meter at my cost and the standard cost was £120. However, because you have certain meter contracts in place, for me it would be just short of £380!
I think this is very disappointing and completely unfair treatment. If I had a SMET2 meter, it would be fine. If I didn’t have a smart meter at all, you would fit one free of charge. Because I have a smart meter (that you can already read half-hourly) the only way I can change tariff is if I pay you, not £120, but £380 because of the contracts you have in place in my area. As a result I have raised an official complaint.
It’s all somewhat irrelevant now because I initiated my switch to Octopus yesterday to switch to the Octopus Go tariff, and they have already confirmed they can use my existing meter for it.

Hi @nlee,

I’m sorry to hear of your experience with Bulb and the issues you have had with your meters moving onto the EV tariff.

You mention you have raised a complaint with our team. We will take your experience into consideration and investigate how we can make this process easier for our members in the future.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or need any additional help

– Daisy :bulb:

I have just had my first month on the EV tariff to be given an estimated bill for the night rate which is completely wrong (I have a hive charger which gives accurate useage readings daily) not much point in the tariff if you’re going to guess the useage and overcharge people.

Still not able to sign up - the option isnt showing. Any ideas??

Hi @Lin @barkingmadmark - thanks for letting us know.

@Lin I’ve checked your account and can see the off-peak reads aren’t loading into your Bulb account. I’ve just updated a few details on your account, so we should start receiving the off-peak reads.
We’ll then correct your statements so we bill you for your accurate usage rather than the estimates.

@barkingmadmark I’m sorry you still can’t switch to our EV tariff. I’ve just had another look and it seems we’re missing an update from industry. I’ve just sent you an email with a little more information on this.

Have a lovely evening,

Hi all.

I have been on day/night meter with Bulb for more than 3 years now (started with normal meter).
In September I have contacted Bulb regarding EV tariff and been told need to book Smart meter installation. I have asked if I would be able to switch to EV tariff as I got an electric car since 2018 and been happy charging overnight with Bulb for 8 or 9p for most of the previous years.
I charge every second day so but right now I pay 15p or more per kWh which is a lot compare to 8p I used to pay.
Sadly after the installation I keep getting the same message as Barkingmadmark.
When I click on Smart EV tariff switch button I am told that Bulb is still setting up my meters.
I understand it takes time however the meter seems to be sending the correct info from day 1 and sends 30 minutes readings 24/7.
Would you know what means “setting up my meters” and when I would be able to finally use the new Smart meter to my advantage?
That was the main purpose to go for Smart Meter as driving an EV means I charge every second night so right now I loose around £1.50 on every charge so 30 charges a current rate means I’m £45 lost.
TBH I have always set up my charging from 1.30-5.30 anyway so I was using energy when I was the cheapest for Bulb to buy it.
I bet for all the years I’m with Bulb you have saved at least £1000 on me charging in the middle of the night.
On the top of that I must bring at least 10 new customers in the beginning and they have brought some of theirs.
I got some rewards from it and always spoke about Bulb in the highest manner.
It would be nice if Bulb would help a bit now as we heading into winter and the bill for our electric car (cheapest 2nd hand Kia Soul EV but still eco friendly and mot polute our town) is soaring sky high (it doubled recently and our only free charger in the town we used to pay subscription for has been broken since September but seems Corby council is not interested to fix it).
Thanks in advance.

Hi Peter. I am on the Bulb EV rate and it is from 2am to 6 am and costs about 6 pence/kWh

Hi @PeterEVdriver

Thanks for your reply @HBeagle

@PeterEVdriver I’m sorry you’ve waited a long time to get on our EV tariff.

I’ve taken a look at your account and identified a few issues which are the root cause for the “We’re still setting up my meters” message in your Bulb account.

We are missing an industry update following your meter exchange which hasn’t yet loaded in to your account. We also need to issue your first monthly statement including smart meter reads before you become eligible for a switch to the EV tariff.

The good news is that we have received smart meter reads from your electricity meter. We’re also working on improving our content regarding eligibility for a tariff switch.

I’ll send you a quick email now, so you’ve got contact with me.

All the best,

Thank you for the answer.

To Christine: Thanks for the info. I checked it and it would be around 6p in Corby so a huge difference to 15p+ I pay now for night rate (I admit I knew 8.2p won’t last for ever but IMHO more than 15p for night rate seems a bit steep).

I can see Holly that the industry update is delaying my switch bit also you mentioned that I need a month of my readings to be sent to BULB first prior to the switch (maybe Bulb wants to check if I actually own an EV and see my charges? Not sure but looks like it).

Anyway, will need to be patient and drive less of possible ha ha.
I suspect BULB wants us to walk more?
In that case, thank you guys to look after our health :wink: