Product update: our EV tariff is in beta

Anyone been able to switch to the EV tariff - I am struggling as every time I try I get the following:

We’re updating your smart meters in our systems

You should be able to sign up in the next 10 days. Sorry for the wait.

If your smart meters were installed more than 2 weeks ago, email[] with ‘Tariff change request’ as the subject line. We’ll double check everything’s working as planned.

I had my SMET2 metre installed about 3 months ago. I have been told on here that I should be able to change overnight (that was 16 days ago), and sent the email as requested above, 10 days ago.

I still get the same error so am getting nowhere.



I switched to the EV tariff last month (second week of Sep). However, I noticed in the bill for Sep that the off-peak usage has been estimated, and it’s significantly lower than it should have been, which means I’ve been charged at peak rate for most of my EV charging!

This makes the EV tariff pointless for me, as even after having set up a lot of custom home automation to take advantage of the off-peak hours for charging my EV and other devices, I’m still being charged for them at the peak rate, which is higher than the standard tariff!

For context, I have an SM2 smart meter and my account has been configured to take readings every half hour.

Would appreciate if someone can look into this please.


An estimate for the off-peak reading does not (in itself) mean you’re being charged at peak rate for some of your off-peak usage.

You need to arm yourself with a couple of things:

  1. is the meter actually recording off-peak usage? ie does it have R01 and R02 readings? (Ignore the IHD, and play with the actual meter)

  2. does your Bulb account show two readings? (I’m guessing only one here, as you’ve got an estimated off-peak usage on your statement)

  3. do the numbers from (1) and (2) agree?

When you know the above, you’re in a better position to discuss the issue with Bulb.

Hi Robin,

Thanks for raising this issue. We’re sorry you’ve had problems with your statements.

The off-peak reads aren’t currently displaying on your Bulb account.
So we’ve had a little look and received your email. We’ll investigate further and get back to you as soon we’ve fixed this.

We’re still receiving your half-hourly meter reads, so we can backdate your usage to re-issue your statements. That means we won’t charge you just on the peak rate.

Thanks for your patience and take care,

Can someone from Bulb please get back to me on this? I’ve had no response to the post, can’t get through on the phone or webchat and haven’t had a response to my email.
My SMETS1 meter is already enrolled on the DCC because you are reading it but if i try to switch, it says you are trying to make the meter smart again. It already is!

Getting my EV this weekend and have the new smart meter and charging point installed.
I used the link in the app to see if the ev tariff was good for me and selected once a week charge or less and that I can schedule the charge but it said my current plan is probably the best.
My plan is currently the vari tariff. 21.55p unit rate, 24.03p standing charge, where as it says on bulbs EV tariff for my area 4.67p/kw between 2-6 and 20.27p all other times and a 22.25p standing charge so better on all aspects.
The ev rate looks far better, wheres the catch, will it effect my gas tariff?