Product update: Smart Pay As You Go is here

Hi all,

Some big news from the blog today:

Our Smart Pay As You Go energy plan is officially live. Members with a compatible smart meter can switch today and manage their energy from their phone.

You can get the same great, green energy and top-up straight from your phone.

Top-up from anywhere

Smart Pay As You Go members can top up from anywhere, at any time. Log in to your Bulb account to top up online, or download the app to top up from your phone. The app makes it easy to keep an eye on your account balance and how long you have left until you need to top up. It’s also rated the best energy app for Apple and Android (if we say so ourselves). Just in case, we send every member a card too, so you can top up at any PayPoint store if you prefer – there are 28,000 in the UK.

More to come

Being able to top up with your feet up is definitely a win. But we’re not stopping here. We’re building new features in the app for Smart Pay As You Go members. We’re planning an automatic top up feature, and soon you’ll be able to see charts in the app which show your energy usage over time.

With the information we receive from your smart meter, we hope to offer advice on how you can lower your usage (and therefore your energy bills), too.

Green Energy as Standard

We’re proud to be the only large energy company in the UK to offer a Smart Pay As You Go plan with 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas.

Switch today with a compatible smart meter

For now, our Smart Pay As You Go plan is available for new and current members with a compatible smart meter. In 2021, members with traditional meters will be able to book a smart meter installation and switch to Smart Pay As You Go.

So what do you think?

We want to know what makes a great Smart PAYG experience. What features do you want to see released next? Auto top-ups, more control over spending?

Please let us know below :point_down:

Presume this would be two(2) cards, one for each fuel?(for cusntomers that are dual fuel)

Hi @skippy64 ,

That’s correct - you’ll receive a PAN card for each fuel which will contain your details and your meter details. This can bet be scanned in any PayPoint store and loaded with credit between £1 and £100, if you want to top up the old fashioned way

Mine hasn’t worked properly since I switched over to PAYG. The app has hardly ever worked since the beginning constantly saying it’s having trouble connecting. Gas wouldn’t show up on the in home display, then randomly that started working and now electric has completely disappeared. I have to wait for a code to be sent and crawl under the stairs to manually enter it. I’ve been waiting for a month and still no closer to getting it fixed.

My advise is if you want a smart meter, change to a different supplier.

Hi @Ryrazzer, I’ve had a look at your account and can see that your electricity meter has fallen off the WAN :pensive:

This means that your meters communications hub is not connecting to the Smart network as it should We have re-booted this for you and are waiting for the results of the re-boot. :boot:

It takes a little while for the results to be given to us from the DCC. My colleague who is handling this matter for you will update you as soon as the results are ready :+1:

I switched to bulb last Friday 27th and since that day I haven’t been able to top up my electric metre via app online or by putting a code into the metre, these guys do not work weekends so you wont get any response despite them saying they answer within four hours, the first response i got was patronising to say the least!

Today i have been on chat/email and twitter but have had sparse response to say the least, despite telling each cs person i cannot input codes into my metre as they are rejected they still send them, i am down to the last few pounds of emergency credit and still zero help

Mary on email has ignored me since her initial help, the smart payg team will not contact you direct to resolve any issues, instead they hit you with codes that do not work, i have a young baby in the house and despite telling the guys this they still wont help or provide me with any workable solution!

The chat online is hundreds in the queue then it kicks you back to the beginning, i am at the end of my tether!

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Hi @Johnishere,

If you’re at risk of losing your supply, please can you call our emergency team on 0300 303 0635? They will be able to get it so you’re able to top up.

I can see we added credit to your meter for failed top ups yesterday - so let me know if you have any questions about that.


Is there a way I can configure the app to notify me when my credit is low? It’s not great when I work from home and the first time I realise the credit’s out is when my computer switches itself off!

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Hi @sofierosewhite

Welcome to the community :raised_hands:

We are not able to do this yet, however this is one of our plans for the New Year.


Notifications for low balance would be really helpful. Not helpful when your electricity goes off without warning, even the old key/card meters let you know you were running low.

Hey @benweb - its something we’re working on, we’ll be in touch when we have more information on this! :eyes:

Just looking through using the search function… Was this ever done?
I switched to Bulb from Boost (Ovo) and they sent a text message and an email when your balance was low… It was great, really handy!

Just had the shower turn cold on me because I didn’t know the gas balance had ran out :see_no_evil::cold_face:

Hi @djbt_uk :wave:

Oh no!

Sadly this is still in the pipeline, and the feature hasn’t been rolled out yet. Once it has, we’ll let you know. It will be such a useful feature (as you know).

In the meantime, I’m afraid you’ll need to keep using the app/the meters themselves to keep track of your balance.

Any questions, please let us know.

Take care,

Niamh :bulb:

how do i top up from mobile or phone

Hi @Rosie1 :wave:

Welcome to the community page, it is great to have you :sun_with_face:

It looks like the email address you signed up here with isn’t registered to a Bulb Account.

If you do have an account with Bulb please email us from that address at

To top up with your phone you need to have a smart meter, in top up mode.

If you do not have an account with Bulb:

If you already have a Smart pay as you go meter with another supplier you would switch online.

If you don’t currently have smart pay as you go but are interested in getting this. You would sign up to Bulb on this link instead. We can then look at getting this installed, we are currently not installing smart meters in pay as you go mode, so you could either:

  • Switch to a smart credit (pay as direct debit) meter and then request to switch mode to PayG
  • Join the waitlist and get that installed in pay as you go mode when we can do this.

If you are unsure please ask here or pop us an email at

Enjoy your day! :partying_face:

-Mel :sunflower:

Hi looking for a bit advice I currently have a payg electric meter where I have to top up at the shop iv been reading a lot about smart payg where you can deal.with everything through an app so before I go searching the net does bulb do this I would be willing to transfer the gas usage over too if the option was available.

Bulb do Smart Pay As You Go but you’d of course need a smart prepayment meter. Not sure how quick that could happen.

Hi @Jan79,

Welcome to community! :wave: Thank you for your post.

I can see we are currently supplying your electricity on a prepayment meter and you are eligible for smart payg. If you would like to change both your electricity and gas over, I would suggest switching your gas to Bulb before we go ahead and then we can process the two over together.

You can read more about Smart PAYG on our website here.

I hope you don’t mind, but I have merged this with a previous post so you can see previous questions and links shared around switching.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

– Daisy :bulb:

Hi thanks for the reply. How do I make the switch…

@Daisy_at_Bulb Does being eligible for smart payg mean that a meter switch is also required?