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I’ve had no bills for 6 months despite sending readings. Now a database issue has been ‘sorted’ all my previous bills have been cancelled and I’ve been issued with a consolidated bill covering all usage (quite why you would do that and not just give me the build for the last six months is mystifying)

Unfortunately on this bill:
the electric tariff used is the most recent so I’m being overcharged for historic electricity, and there are charges for night units not used and,
the gas bill just quotes units used with no conversion factors so in my mind is not a valid bill.

I’ve raised a formal complaint about this and had this bill cancelled and accepted as wrong, yet this week it was reissued to update the estimated close read and is now claimed to be right.

I then get an email asking how I would like my compliant to proceed, and if I don’t reply in seven days it will be closed. Seems to me what I want is for someone to actually address the issue and give me a correct bill.

What else can I do except keep trying to explain why my bills are fantasy? I’ve asked to go straight to deadlock but since Bulb say the bill is right and are prepared to close the complaint can I just go to the Ombudsman now as I’m not happy with the response?

Afraid you must make the formal complaint first(if you haven’t already done so).
And then go to the ombudsman if it’s not resolved after eight(8) weeks

Already made the complaint. They seem to think it is resolved having done nothing except issue another wrong bill

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Ombudsman next step. Good luck

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