Projected Price increase

With the price projected to rise in October to a ‘cap of £2800’ the new price will presumably be around 50% higher than currently. Surely this is unsustainable and the whole industry must take some action before people start filing for bankruptcy in huge numbers.
The current ‘help’ appears to be for those on a form of credit and those who just fall outside this group and whose houses are 1 group above group ‘D’ who get no council tax rebate or Warm Home Discount are left high and dry.
I calculate that my energy bill will be in the region of £4500-5000 per annum which eradicates a large part of my pension, and I certainly am sparing with the heating. I am told that I ‘earn’ £500 per year more than the level at which assistance is available. That £500 probably cost me £1500 in lost assistance , what a wonderful country to live in!