Projected Usage Cannot be correct

I had an accountant from my work look over my useage & he thinks there is something really wrong. I stay in a 3 bed semi detached house. We work all day and kids are at school/uni most days. I have one electric shower, one shower that runs off the gas boiler. Normal games console, tv, dishwasher washing machine and electric oven. He seems to think my gas should be more than my electric yet my electricity is always almost double if not treble the gas. My Estimated consumption for the year is Electric 22550.00 kWh & Gas 10772.80kWh. I am on the Vari-Fair. I know during winter we use more but for the period 01/01 - 31/01/22 my bill was £293.25 for electric & £122.77 gas, with the impending price increase, I dont know how we can afford this???!! I really think my meter needs to be checked over. I have been paying nearly £250 per month for years now. Its just increased again to just over £300 per month.

Hi, i am also on the vari-fair top up plan, i spent £351 last month in a one bedroom flat. Something is definitely wrong somewhere.

Wow!! thats a lot as well, I pay mine direct debit each month, I dont top anything up, mine is just called Vari-Fair.

Does your bill use actual readings or estimates?

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I have a smart meter, so the readings come from that, previous to that I sent my readings in monthly

It’s possible that the smart meter isn’t sending electricity readings, so my question was just to make sure that your bill definitely used actual readings from the smart meter.

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I just checked my account & readings are from ‘Smart’ so it is getting the reading from that.

In that case, assuming your property is heated by gas, then those electricity readings are definitely very high.

As a first step I’d look at the meter to see how much use it’s recording over say an hour, when no major appliances are in use. Then calculate what that would be over one day, then over one month. See how that compares to your last month of billed usage. Just in kWh.

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Thank you, I will try that, yes, we have gas central heating & not all of the radiators are on in the bedrooms so its rather alarming as to why the electric is so high

To put it another way, based on your annual estimated electricity use, you’re using 2-3kWh per hour on average. With a similar sized property (gas central heating) I rarely use over 4kWh per day of electricity, so the reading goes up pretty slowly over a day.

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Hi @margaretcockburn,

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We’re really sorry you’ve had a poor experience with Bulb, it certainly doesn’t meet the standards of service that we aim to deliver.

If you believe that the property is a cause for concern and is producing high bills, there are a few tests you can perform to check that your meter and electric appliances are functioning correctly. I will send this over to you today, please try the step by step guide and let me know how you get on.

–Suki :hibiscus:

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Thank you, I will have a go at this when I get home today & let you know the results.

Hi @Hanna ,

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As you have a prepay meter I will need to check your meter screens. Can you please reply back to my email so that I can review this further for you?

–Suki :hibiscus:

Oh really, I am using a heck of a lot more than you then if the readings are supposed to be correct! I will try the suggestions given & see if anything comes of it. Failing that I will need to get an electrician to see if there a surge or some sort of fault coming from an appliance!

We’re probably low electricity users but the average usage figures that Ofgem use for their calculations are 2,900kWh of electricity and 12,000kWh of gas per year. So your annual electricity estimate is huge.

Looking at your meter and seeing how the readings move over time with just normal load should tell you something. If you’re hardly using any electricity on base load, then it’s probably an indication that your meter is ok and you need to experiment with different appliances in operation.

Bulb’s instructions will be a bit more comprehensive than my ramblings.

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Thanks for your help, its been informative. I am determined to get to the bottom of it!